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Are you considering having a new fence built? Allow a licensed Local Fence Company (or some refer to us as a Fence Installer) like Affordable Fence Guys help you make the best decision for residential fence installation. We serve the Rock Hill SC, Chester SC, Fort Mill SC, Lancaster SC, Columbia SC, Charlotte NC, Gastonia NC. We also serve many other areas surrounding North Carolina and South Carolina.

Local Fence Company Owner

Since 2001, Affordable Fence Guys has been fencing NC and SC neighborhoods. Affordable Fence Guys is owned by Kurt Lynch. Originally beginning as Fence Masters Unlimited in Raleigh NC and eventually moving our office to Chester SC in 2004. Later in 2012, we expanded Fence Masters Unlimited by incorporating Affordable Fence Guys in Great Falls SC. Later, Affordable Fence Men in Wilmington NC as additional branches of Fence Masters Unlimited thus to increase our customer outreach. With over 100 years combined experience among our associates & 22 Years with Kurt alone. Thus, we are the best known and highest rated fence company in NC and SC.

Fence Company

Premier customer service, expert team with vast knowledge, and superior quality fence products. Affordable Fence Guys, a seasoned and professional entity, is the Preferred Fence Company. We hire only the most skilled installers to construct fences, and our clients can expect expert assistance every day. Our team is experienced, and we guarantee that each fence is crafted to meet our client’s needs and installed with precision.

We are professionals who honor our commitments and strive for excellence in all we do. Our team continually sets high benchmarks for its performance. As a result, you can always rely on us for a high-end fence, whenever you need it. We are proud to serve the following areas: Rock Hill SC, Chester SC, Fort Mill SC, Lancaster SC, Columbia SC, Charlotte NC, Gastonia NC. Choose Affordable Fence Guys as your reliable Fence Company.

Fence Installer

Affordable Fence Guys, a premier Fence Installer, is dedicated to providing top-notch fencing solutions. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to delivering exceptional service as well as high-quality products. As a leading Fence Installer, we take pride in our ability to meet our clients’ specific needs and exceed their expectations. We serve a wide range of areas including Rock Hill SC, Chester SC, Fort Mill SC, Lancaster SC, Columbia SC, Charlotte NC, and Gastonia NC. Our reputation as a reliable Fence Installer is built on our commitment to customer satisfaction, our expertise in the field, and our dedication to providing the best fencing solutions. Choose Affordable Fence Guys for all your fencing needs.

Fence Builder

Envision partnering with a fence builder that is exceptionally coordinated and ready. This is the benchmark established by Affordable Fence Guys, with our team making certain we have the required materials at hand for your fencing endeavor. We plan ahead for your fence installation, ensuring we can accomplish the task precisely and within the timeline. Furthermore, we build your fence to meet your specific requirements, without compromising on quality. Essentially, we will craft the fence you desire, offering you a feature to enjoy for numerous years following the installation day. We are proud to serve the following areas: Rock Hill SC, Chester SC, Fort Mill SC, Lancaster SC, Columbia SC, Charlotte NC, Gastonia NC.

Wood Fence Company / Installer

Wood Fence Styles include rustic split rail, spaced picket, and privacy styles.

Split Rail Fence Company

Split Rail Fence is the perfect fence to add a rustic appeal. We offer both true ‘split-rail’ fence in the traditional configuration of locust posts and spruce rails. Although a more modern option of pressure treated pine to give your yard a Horse fence or Ranch look.

Privacy Fence Company

Picket Fences are available in heights from 4′ to 6′ high and styles include Dog Ear semi-privacy or privacy fence, French Gothic, and Stockade. Our Privacy Wood Fence Styles are available in heights. Starting at 4′ to 8′ high and styles include Solid Dog Ear (95% Privacy). Also, there is also Board on Board (100% privacy), & Shadowbox (Can’t see straight inside although you can at an angle view). All of our fences are hand built on site board by board. Also all of our posts are set 24″ (2 Feet) deep with concrete on every post. Additional option of Convex or Concave top & post exposed styles are available.

Contact a local wood fence company like Affordable Fence Guys. Call us at (803)233-0971 or submit a request online for a FREE WOOD FENCE ESTIMATE. If you need a residential Wood Fencing design and installation in NC and SC .

Aluminum Fence Company / Installer

Finding the right aluminum fencing for your residential or commercial space involves a lot of visualization. You may have an idea of what you want your aluminum fence to look like. But you may not be familiar with the names of the different types of fence styles within the industry. All aluminum fence panels are available in black, bronze or white. We offer gold color applied to finials and other accessories for an additional charge.

Additional Aluminum Fence Styles and Options

Affordable Fence Guys offers an assortment of styles of Aluminum fencing that are beautiful, elegant, and secure. Thus allowing us to meet the specific tastes of our customers and the look they are wanting for their home. When you hire an aluminum fence contractor to put up a fence around your property or pool, it’s something that you’re going to be looking at for the life of your home. It’s equally important for it to have the right look / feel. As well as it’s important to make the right decision at the start with your aluminum fence company.

Let’s Talk Aluminum Fencing Spacing

All of our residential styles are available in 6′ widths with a variety of heights from 4′, 5′ & 6′ tall. Our Aluminum Fence comes in 6′ wide panels that carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty with Barrett Fencing.

ALSO, our aluminum fencing has 3″ SPACING between pickets & on selected styles it has 1 1/2″ spacing in either the lower 1′ of the fence or full height upon request. Therefore quite a few Homeowners Associations throughout the country that are now requiring this 3″ spacing.  We’re happy to help you decide what fits your needs & budget along with you! 

Contact an aluminum fence company like Affordable Fence Guys. Call us at (803)233-0971 or submit a request online for a FREE ALUMINUM FENCE ESTIMATE.

Vinyl Fence Company / Installer

Affordable Fence Guys is a Vinyl Fence Company. Vinyl Fencing is rapidly gaining in popularity over Aluminum Fences, wood fences, composite fences, vinyl fences and chain link fences. Primarily for their hassle-free maintenance, aesthetic appeal, and choice of designs when our customers are looking for privacy options.

Consider vinyl fence benefits:

  • No cost when it comes time to paint because you don’t need to paint vinyl.
  • Vinyl is durable in all kinds of weather, thus it won’t fade, chip, blister, peel, corrode or rot.
  • Vinyl is sturdy and it provides a clean look because of no visible hardware.
  • Vinyl is made from non-toxic material which makes completely recyclable.

As a Vinyl Fence Company we offer 3 Types of Vinyl Fencing

There are essentially three types of vinyl fences we install.  The most popular is of course privacy fencing. Affordable Fence Guys is the #1 choice as the local vinyl fence company. Decorative vinyl picket fences and farm fences (aka split rail or ranch fence) are also popular.  We are providing you information below that tells you basic facts you need to know. These are important when making a decision about if you want vinyl fencing and what type to choose.  We will help you learn about costs, heights & styles.

Why should you use Vinyl fencing over other products?

There are two reasons people prefer vinyl fencing (also called PVC and/or plastic fencing) from a vinyl fence company, even though it is more expensive than wood fences.  The biggest reason is the maintenance to preserve your fences appearance.  When we install your Vinyl fence you don’t have to stain or paint it. Although like you will need to with a wood fence.  You aren’t going to have warping or sagging.  What you see on day one is essentially identically to what you are going to see ten years from now. 

Is there a Pretty & Ugly side to Vinyl Fencing?

Customers also like that both sides of the fence look the same essentially. There isn’t a “pretty” or “ugly” side of the fence.  Therefore you and your neighbors can equally enjoy the vinyl fence without having to deal with HOA’s.

While a vinyl fencing is more expensive than wood up front. Remember once you stain a wood fence you usually have a similar cost into both fences. As a Local Vinyl Fence Company we recommend this option over a wood fence for privacy.

Contact Affordable Fence Guys the Premier Vinyl Fence Contractor. Call (803)233-0971 or submit a request online for a FREE VINYL FENCE ESTIMATE!

We are a chain link fence company & contractor that provides an economical chain link fence that requires very little maintenance. We are made from galvanized steel, but also be vinyl coated. Thus for security purposes, it’s hard to beat a chain link fence. However, chain link fences are not the most attractive design compared to aluminum, wood, vinyl, or composite.

Still, there are many add-on parts to make them more attractive and provide more privacy and protection. With 22+ Years of experience as a fence company we learned a few things. Items such as colored fence fabric, colored fittings, and framework (posts and rail) can enhance a fences look.

Chain Link Fence Benefits

There are benefits of chain link fences that make them an attractive option for many different fencing needs. When you have residential-related needs, chain link is:

  • Economical
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in many different heights, gauges, colors, and coatings

Chain Link Fence Coating

Chain link fences are coated in one of two ways, metallic / galvanized or vinyl/polymer. Metallic-coated fences come in galvanized, aluminized, while the vinyl/polymer coatings can be green or black.

Additionally, Affordable Fence Guys can provide you with a quality chain link fence. Therefore we are a known chain link fence company / contractor.

We provide all of our chain link fences in different heights (4′ & 5′), colors (Galvanized (Silver) & Black (Vinyl Coated). Thus as always we are proud to stand behind the quality of our service.

Contact a chain link fence company like Affordable Fence Guys. Call us Today at (803)233-0971 or submit a request online for a FREE CHAIN LINK FENCE ESTIMATE.

Affordable Fence Guys is a premier Fence Company / Fence Contractor providing installation in the following Service Area:

Rock Hill SC, Chester SC, Fort Mill SC, Lancaster SC, Columbia SC, Charlotte NC, Gastonia NC