Aluminum Fence Areas

Aluminum fence offers the beauty and protection of traditional wrought iron fencing without the rotting steel and maintenance. They come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and heights that add an unique look and value to any property. No other fence style will enhance your property or pool.

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Aluminum Fence

Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fencing comes in 6 foot panels and of varying heights. You can choose a 3 foot short fence for purely ornamental uses or install a taller fence (6 foot) to keep people and animals in or out.

Several styles of panels are available, including flat-topped or spiked-top with various decorative details. Post caps come in flat top or ball caps or pointed tops depending on the style of the fence and the caps you chose.

Posts are pre-tapped for placement on a corner, on the end or in the line of the fence.

  • End posts have holes on only one side and are used as starting and stopping points.
  • Corner posts have holes on adjacent sides and are used to make right angles.
  • Line posts have holes on opposite sides and are used for straight runs of fence.

Gates attach to posts that are similar to end posts, but are stronger in order to support the weight and movement of the gate. Don’t use a regular end post to install a gate.


Gates, Arbors & More

All aluminum fence panel styles have matching gates available built with a welded frame capable of holding up to 250 pounds without collapsing.

Aluminum Fence Paint Finish Withstands 3,000 hours of salt spray testing and 5 years of exposure in Florida versus 1,000 hours and 1 year for others like Iron fence; twice the thickness and hardness of wet paints; environmentally friendly.
Alloy Our alloy is used in all of our components (even the pickets) for maximum strength. Because of this, our assembled fence panels can hold a minimum of 250 lbs. of force without permanently bending.
Gates All gates have a welded frame that allows them to support 250 lbs.; come with a standard key locking magnetic handle latch that works every time.
 Alloy Castings All castings (caps, wall mounts, finials, etc.) use a better quality aluminum alloy that is more corrosion-resistant than the cheaper, more common alloys that others use, so your castings will look great for a long time.
Lifetime Warranty Our Lifetime Limited Warranty is backed by an established company that is a leader in the industry.